how long is now? - demos

by Henry

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three demos from an upcoming album, lot's more to come

see you on the road ..


released September 11, 2016

evan luther - vocals, guitar, synthesizers, songwriting
jason baxter - vocals, keyboard
sean mckenty - bass, guitar
edward leinheiser (ecleinjr) - synthesizers, moral support

alana gardner - countless photos
sam luther - album artwork



all rights reserved


Henry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

uhh yeahh

evan luther
jason baxter
sean mckenty
grey durham
steve wozniak
edward leinheiser

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Track Name: a thousand points of light
giant spikes grow
in this place shrouded by a harsh winters snow

danger comes from
beneath both you and i

close the hospital doors
and suddenly
nobody's sick anymore

a thousand points of light
diverges over me
in the night

reading papers under streetlights

from the edge of my bed
i see it falling
Track Name: porch
sitting on a porch at night
watch the sky turn pink and blue
my eyes keep falling shut
when i think of you
on the shoulder

we are broken down
why won't this car start
human beings sold for parts
my insides tear apart
my insides torn apart
on the shoulder
Track Name: redacted
like an open wound
a word falls in
when i open my mouth

from a distance
this skyline turns
purple at it's peaks

some things grow thin
but darling i want you to know
i didn't mean this

a transmission gone to static
a brain making it's pull to panic
speaking in morse code
taps on the phone
through an underwater cable
i've never been so unstable
you're erecting a demon
who will only lock up your neck
redacted chunks of text
that were once there but no longer
a satellite in orbit
so far from me